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c'est froid!

    Liquid nitrogen

    The cold that smokes

    azote liquide

    Many fun experiments can be conducted with liquid nitrogen, besides superconducting levitation. If you use some yourself, take a look at this video and make sure you are surrounded with professionals, because liquid nitrogen can be very dangerous.



    Fun experiments with nitrogen :
    >>> Click here

    Playign with baloons and nitrogen

    don't miss this video, and this one too, et celle là vraiment :

    Shatter a rose
    (or any other plant or food with water in it):

    Liquefy oxygen

    ... and see its paramagnetism: spill the nitrogen in an aluminium cone; you will see a few drops forming under it (liquid oxygen). Let them fall near a magnet: it attracts them.

    Nitrogen meringues (delicious!)

    Make a normal meringue (stiffly beaten egg-whites and icing sugar). Put some liquid nitrogen in a metal bowl or a Styrofoam container. Put the small meringues (the size of a ping pong ball) in the nitrogen using non metal utensils, turn them over and let them “boil” in nitrogen for 10 seconds, then take them out and eat them. BE CAREFUL: do no put the utensil in your mouth (spoon or other) because it is dangerous. Rather take the meringue with your fingers and eat it directly.

    Foucault currents

    you can slow the fall of a magnet thanks to Foucault currents (more commonly known as Eddy currents) as on this video :

    If you cool the copper tube with nitrogen, it will work even better (because you decrease the resistance of copper by 4)

    Seeing pretty drops

    Carefully spill small amounts of nitrogen on a flat table, you will see some drops making beautiful stars.

    Things that you should never do

    (although there are videos on youtube) because it is very dangerous: trying to drink it, trying to keep some in the palm of your hand for as long as you can, putting some in a bottle and closing it (it is a bomb)…

    What does mean cold ?
    Click and adjust the thermometer and see how matter reacts.

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